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Cleaner Concepts has paved the way for improved industry standards in residential & resort cleaning services for the past 25+ years. We like to think that our vast experience and hard working team make us the best in the business. Our clients think so as well.

Residential Cleaning of your primary home with attention to every detail can be structured to meet needs on a rotating basis and stay within your budget. Careful tailoring of services, assignment of staff, and inspection services to provide redundancy & redirection of services when necessary are the keys to your permanent "stay-cation" from housekeeping.

Resort Cleaning of your vacation home can meet the needs of every type of vacation homeowner as well. Housekeeping services can be scheduled randomly, as private homeowners come and go from their vacation getaway, monthly as an adjunct to your own care to handle heavier cleaning, or as guests come and go they can arrange and pay for housekeeping services as a wonderful thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Rental Homes and Condominiums receive Turnkey Resort Cleaning Services along with many other available guest services included. If you choose your guests can receive linen cleaning services, guest supplies and amenities, service clean services, and concierge services. Your vacation home management will be a breeze with our confirmation of services via email, and other collateral services such as our lockout services and basic maintenance services and referrals 24/7. We have and will work with any local or virtual rental management company of your choice as well, no problem.

Corporate owned homes can tailor services to meet the needs of Principals, Key Executives & Special Clients with any simple request. Of course any and all of the above housekeeping services are available, along with Concierge Services that can arrange for grocery and gift basket deliveries, making dinner reservations or golf tee times among other things.

Multiple Home Ownership groups can create any combination of the above services as owners arrive and depart on a weekly basis. Individual homeowner schedules can be confirmed directly by our office eliminating communication issues between partners. Simple maintenance and reporting of any issues needing attention can be reported on an ongoing basis. We will work to ease any friction involved in arrivals and departures with our seamless array of services. Having fun in-between is up to you!

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We, at Cleaner Concepts seek first to partner with our homeowners to provide cleaning and home care services that are what you want, what you need, and from time to time, at special discounted pricing. Sign up today, and you can expect to receive information updates as well as discount coupons that can be used on services you book after receiving them.

You can also gift your coupon to a friend or neighbor, and get a further discount when they redeem that discount, for yourself via email. So, in giving YOU will receive!


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