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In coordination with our scheduled cleaning services, we also have available Home Inspection Services. Homes are inspected top to bottom, conditions are documented for your records, and made available to you. Of course, we keep your information in our database, along with all pertinent information about appliances, to make addressing issues a breeze. This service coordinates ongoing maintenance schedules you have in place, or can at your request, initiate care that may have previously gone undone, with whatever service providers you choose. Unsure about whom to contract with? We are able to interview those Contractors for you, gathering information related to insurance, and references—even check those references to help with your decision. This is not a service used by many Ownership Groups, however those groups whose managing partners may elect to delegate all or part of the listed duties, we are happy to be of service!

Service Details

Services are contracted on an annual basis for monthly home inspections. Inspections are documented in writing, and with photos. Your complete inspection portfolio is forwarded to you as it is performed. It is also recorded in our database. Your initial inspection includes documenting all appliances and other pertinent information, so that it is easily available when needed. It also involves researching ongoing appliance and HVAC maintenance, if it has been performed in the past. This information is recorded and future ongoing maintenance is scheduled with your provider.

The inspection checklist includes all points of entry, as well as appliances, HVAC systems, accessible plumbing, pool and landscape sprinkler systems, as well as burglar alarm system checks. It can include verification of contractor services…..pool and landscape maintenance, and any issues your directly request, of course. Charting/documentation is by exception. Problems are written down and reported specifically. At your request, issues can be followed through until their resolution.

Our inspection services are no guarantee your home will be trouble free, just that you’ll have a support network to deal with issues that can arise. Regular inspections can discover issues before they become real problems. In addition, these inspections can help meet the requirements of your “seasonal” home insurance. Documentation of your second home’s inventory is another service we offer, and may also be another requirement of your insurance policy.

We provide all support services of this nature so that when you are able to break free to spend time in your vacation home, you can spend it vacationing with your loved ones, and not checking boxes or filling out forms! Call today, and we can put these services in place as soon as possible.