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Every system that truly works balances the different elements it contains….that is why the most important part of our system is our inspection structure. We take the time to check all of the details related to our cleaning services and then make it a point to check all of the details that are most important to you.

Were your guests considerate, or was there a cavalier attitude toward the care of your home while they were in residence? Are your belongings/furniture positioned as you would like them to be? Are all of your appliances & HVAC systems working properly? So many questions…. All issues are checked and any irregularities are documented, and reported to our office by phone, if emergent. The office then contacts you or whomever you designate to deal with the problem. We are always available to verify work that has been completed by other service contractors, and to follow up with any issues. You will always be kept fully informed if you delegate these tasks to us at Cleaner Concepts.

Service Details

Each and every time your home is serviced by our staff, an inspector will check the home. Inspections occur while the cleaner is still on site and corrections to insufficiencies in the cleaning are documented, and corrected at that time.

All points of entry are checked, burglar alarms are reset if necessary, and HVAC settings are checked and corrected as necessary. We understand your standards, and work to ensure that they are always carefully and completely kept.