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Concierge Services

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Contact our office and we can help with any arrangement you might like. Our staff can schedule dinner reservations for you at the restaurant of your choice. We can help with recommendations for choosing a restaurant, or referrals to schedule personal services for a massage or facial. You might need a couple extra hands for setting up for your event. Any way that we can make the seemingly impossible, possible, is the way that we can be of help. We want you to enjoy your vacation home, but even more than that your vacation time. Spend it with friends and family, and let us worry about the other details.

Service Details

We know it’s difficult or perhaps impossible to get everything done on your list, when you’re not in town. It’s especially difficult when you’re arranging an event or special vacation.

Whatever your “To Do List” has on it, we’re happy to help. Errands, special shopping, or picking up or coordinating delivery of items for your party are just part of items on your list you can delegate to us.

We’re also happy to help with your personal plans, and /or helping schedule services. We can research and/ or recommend service providers (caterers?,..etc) according to your specifications. We can even gather information or interview service providers in your stead, compiling insurance and pricing information so you can make the best use of your time, and make the best decision as well!