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Many Cleaner Concepts clients have trouble starting or maintaining the cleaning process simply because they are storing more items than they want or need. Yet it can be intimidating to tackle the mounds of clutter stored in garages, basements, closets, bookshelves, cabinets and living areas. Many Cleaner Concepts clients opt for a Cleaner Concepts Clutter Cleanup prior to moving. A Cleaner Concepts professional can work with you to sort through your personal items and help you identify which items fit into each of the four Cleaner Concepts Clutter Clean Categories:


At the client’s request, Cleaner Concepts can then assist in the implementation of any or all of these tasks. We can remove unwanted items, including general trash and properly dispose of electronics and hazardous waste. Cleaner Concepts can also transport items to local charities and return receipts for the client’s tax records. . Finally, Cleaner Concepts can help clients organize, label and store the items they want to keep.