Cleaner Concepts isn’t the largest cleaning company located on the Isle of Palms and Edisto Island, but it’s the oldest we know of. We’ve gotten to be the oldest by helping homeowners, like yourself, day after day, year after year, for the last 25+ years. Our staff has been with us for extended periods of time, and this lends itself, along with our inspection structure, to consistency in the quality of our services. We strive to give you one area that you need never be concerned with ... your home’s cleanliness. That's a lot, especially when you've got to keep up with your family's everyday life ... and if you own a vacation home the to-do list can double or even triple with scheduling everyone's arrivals and departures!

Family matters. Our biggest investments, quite naturally, center around time spent on home and family. Local homeowners have found that our Trusted Residential Cleaning Services are Family Friendly. Your preferences matter with Eco-friendly Cleaning Products in use, & Professional Cleaners who pay attention to the details and appointments of your home. In partnership with you, Cleaner Concepts helps clean out to the corners, and make real time and space for you to handle more important issues that impact both your home and your family. Re-investing your time spent on house cleaning can keep you ahead of the curve with respect to these other issues, AND give you a beautifully clean home to do it all in!

We always seek to put the needs of our clients first, and it shows. Flexibility in scheduling or in provided services when need be is how we keep our homeowners happy. We at Cleaner Concepts understand that it is in building log-term relationships with homeowners - helping them meet their personal and investment goals that we can ensure similar outcomes for ourselves. Plus, it's just a wonderful thing to do every day!

Your needs are always our primary concern, and filling those needs a great privilege and opportunity to grow—as individuals, and as a company. Give us the opportunity to show you the value we place on relationships, and on doing an excellent job in your home, each and every time we visit it. You’ll be glad you did!

Please review our services, and call with any questions. We look forward to working with you and your family!